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Palo Alto Networks is an innovative manufacturer of new generation of security systems based on security policies based on users and granular control used by the applications and content transmitted through the enterprise network. Thanks to the patented technology, Palo Alto Networks App-ID ™ system unmistakably identifies web applications regardless of the port, protocol, transmission tactics or even SSL encryption. It also allows to analyze the content in order to stop a wide range of risks associated with information leakage - all without degradation of the performance and throughput of 10Gbps. Due to the consolidation of security systems into one platform while new approach to building security policy, we can safely use Web 2.0 applications with a guarantee of confidentiality for our business with a strong reduction of acquisition costs and implementation. The family of new generation Palo Alto Networks security systems therefore provides a unprecedented control and monitoring of used network applications, users and content passing company networks.

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