We have launched the Contractor Desktop

We have provided for our partners Contractor Desktop, which allows for efficient communication. We encourage to use it.

Already in the new headquarters

Since September 2014 we moved to new headquarters on the Janikowska street. The building we built will allow us forfurther dynamic grow, and our partners will feel more comfortable contacting us.

Konwerga supports ITU Telecom World Congress in Budapest

Our company was responsible for the launch and administration of WiFi system for the largest telecommunications event in the world in 2015. During the event many thousands ofusers useddata transmission service.

Konwerga at the Open Day IT Administration

On the 1st December 2015, we took part in the conference for public administration on which we presented solutions for network security PaloAltoNetworks and wireless networks Ruckus Wireless.

Palo Alto Workshop

On the 28th October 2015, at our headquarterswe organized workshops concerning network security solutions of latest generation PaloAltoNetworks firewalls - Ultimate Test Drive. During the workshops it was shown how to configure security policies, how to restore transparency and control over applications, users and content coming from the network. Please look forward to future editions.