Network Access Control (NAC): The Key to Your Company’s Cybersecurity

Network Access Control (NAC): The Key to Your Company’s Cybersecurity

Have you ever wondered which devices currently have access to your company’s network? This question poses a cybersecurity challenge that can be effectively addressed with a tool I would like to discuss today.

Forescout Technologies, an American company founded in 2000, is the answer to the dynamic challenges associated with network access management. Why should you consider this?

Here are some key figures:

  • According to the Cybersecurity Ventures report in 2021, cybercriminal groups caused damages worth over 6 trillion dollars.
  • A Capgemini study reveals that 40% of industrial companies investing in more or less intelligent production fell victim to hacker attacks.
  • The same study shows that companies in heavy industry most frequently face cyberattacks, with 51% being targeted. It also affected 44% of pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector manufacturers.
  • Polish companies rank in the top ten in Europe in terms of the number of recorded cyberattacks.

If you still think cybersecurity is not a significant issue in your company, consider that, according to experts, the average cost of an attack is over 1 million Polish złoty – and this is without considering the cost of lost benefits, resulting from the loss of trust from business partners or weakened market position.

Now, consider this – do you have full control over the devices connecting to your network? Do you know what’s happening in the world of operating systems, applications, or users in your network infrastructure? If these questions seem important, and you are unsure of the answers, Forescout CounterACT could be the key to peace of mind.

Forescout CounterACT stands out not only for its effectiveness but also for its innovative approach to device identification in the network. Unlike typical NAC solutions that rely on polling devices, for example, by sending ‘pings’ address by address, Forescout uses a more advanced approach. It doesn’t limit itself to proactively polling devices, which may not be effective for those that, by definition, either don’t respond or communicate without an IP protocol. Instead, this tool continuously monitors network traffic by listening. If any device sends even one data packet, CounterACT immediately notices and likely identifies it. It’s worth noting that Forescout has a continually growing database, already covering millions of devices.

This innovative approach not only allows controlling device access to the network but also enables various actions such as assigning a device to a specific VLAN or implementing other security policies. Thus, Forescout CounterACT offers not only effective access management but also the ability to react immediately to dynamic changes in network infrastructure.

Why else should you consider it?

  • The Forescout NAC system constantly monitors device activity, tracking which network resources are used, which applications are running, and which operating systems are in use. In case of irregularities, it promptly informs the administrator, enabling a quick response to potential threats or unauthorized activities.
  • Access management using 802.1X. Forescout CounterACT integrates effectively with the 802.1X protocol, allowing authorization and access management based on user or device authentication. This enables the application of flexible access policies tailored to different types of devices and users.
  • Working without using 802.1X. This solution not only collaborates with the 802.1X protocol but also effectively handles situations where some devices do not support this standard. Forescout CounterACT allows identification, classification, and application of appropriate security policies in such cases.
  • It checks, classifies, and applies policies for various devices on the network. NAC identifies every device attempting to access the network, whether it’s an employee’s laptop, a guest’s smartphone, or an IoT device. Based on the analysis, NAC assigns relevant categories and classifies devices, considering differences in access levels and security policies.
  • It flexibly manages access for employees and guests, even with BYOD. NAC allows the flexible definition of access policies based on the type of device, user, or location. This enables precise management, even for diverse groups of employees and guests using the network.

This system can work agentlessly for your convenience, but for better protection and fuller control of workstations, you can also use agents.

Unlike other NAC systems, the Forescout solution deploys quickly and easily (3-4 days!). Maintenance (depending on the extent of use and the number of changes introduced) is limited to about 1 day per month, and useful analysis results are available on the first day after deployment.

This isn’t all there is to know about Forescout CounterACT. At our company – Konwerga sp. z o.o. – we would be happy to tell you more and suggest the best solutions for your business. If you’re interested, please contact us at and let’s discuss your needs.

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