Now they face a penalty of up to 20 million euros, and all it would take is one click…

Now they face a penalty of up to 20 million euros, and all it would take is one click…

So far, they have lost their reputation and trust, and they may lose even more, such as the aforementioned 20 million euros, which (according to the provisions of Article 83 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC) threatens the company as a penalty for violating personal data regulations. We have all heard about last year’s cyber attack on the ALAB Laboratories. To this day, we continue to learn new information about how the data of hundreds of thousands of people is “wandering” on the internet. This is, of course, not the only case of its kind. Almost half (46%) of Polish companies have experienced a cyber attack.

According to an online survey by Allot and Coleman Research conducted in 2021, as many as 73% of the surveyed representatives of companies admitted that they would reluctantly be willing to pay a ransom to cybercriminals to unlock access to their network.

And this is where SentinelOne EDR comes in, all in purple, of course, and proposes a next-generation antivirus system that keeps cybersecurity threats far from our network, on the other side of the protective barrier, which is the system I would like to briefly talk about today.

SentinelOne was founded in 2013 in Mountain View, California, by a group of IT security experts. Their solutions have received numerous awards and positive reviews from software certification institutions and security standards, ensuring the highest quality of products.

Think about how many endpoint devices you have on your network. Do you control the operation of all endpoints? Can your company afford a work interruption caused by damages from ransomware? Are you aware that there is a tool on the market that allows you to undo the damage caused by ransomware with just one click?

The answer to all these questions is the aforementioned SentinelOne company and its EDR system. In addition to all the functionalities of EDR systems, this company’s product is absolutely unique, thanks to the mysterious “one-click solution”.

So what’s the deal…

Imagine that during your next workday, the following message appears on the laptop monitor connected to the company’s network, on which you work every day: YOUR DISK HAS BEEN ENCRYPTED. PAY 100,000 TO REGAIN ACCESS. At this point, you have three options:

  1. Pay the ransom.
  2. Accept the loss and spend time and money on repair.
  3. Do nothing, click once, and get back to work.

How is it possible that option 3 is so different from the other two? It’s all thanks to the SentinelOne EDR system and its 1-Click Remediation technology. With it, you no longer have to worry about losing access to your critical resources. With one click, you can restore workstations to the state before being infected, for example, by ransomware. There is no need to write new scripts, which simplifies the fight against threats and shortens the average reaction time. It’s the only solution of its kind on the market!

🛡️What else does SentinelOne EDR propose:

  • Static analysis using artificial intelligence – Static AI;
    SentinelOne – Active EDR – uses artificial intelligence engine to protect endpoint devices from the execution of known or unknown malicious code (malware) in files. Unlike standard antivirus programs, the system does not perform repetitive scanning processes that degrade the efficiency of devices.
  • Behavioral detection and stopping threats using artificial intelligence – Behavioral AI;
    SentinelOne platform uses machine learning-based models to identify suspicious behaviors undetectable by traditional antivirus systems. This solution allows detection of malicious code and scripts embedded in documents and files, fileless attacks using vulnerabilities in systems and applications, attacks originating from other devices on the same internal network, and blocks the installation of unwanted applications (PUP).
  • Active Endpoint Detection and Response System – EDR;
    Developed by SentinelOne, the Active EDR system provides insight into a variety of endpoint data and can automatically mitigate threats. In the event of an attack, it allows for quick identification, network isolation, and automatic protection of remaining endpoints. The system will clean up all the effects of a malicious attack, including entries in registries and scheduled actions.
  • Threat Detection Using Deep Visibility Solution;
    Deep Visibility offers full real-time and historical retrospective search capabilities, even for offline endpoints, to enhance proactive security. Telemetry data from endpoints and servers can help security teams correlate actions such as lateral movement or callbacks, along with other threat indicators, for deeper insights. Deep Visibility includes devices such as laptops that may be outside your perimeter network.

Of course, these are not all the benefits of the SentinelOne EDR system; the company continues to develop and offer increasingly newer solutions to facilitate system management and improve efficiency.

If we’ve sparked your curiosity, at our company – Konwerga sp. z o.o. we’d be happy to tell you more about this tool and tailor other solutions related to network management or cybersecurity in your company. Contact us at and let’s talk about your needs.

Don’t regret it later and check it out – just one click…

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