Video monitoring – our implementations

Video monitoring – our implementations

In the text regarding the relationship between AI and surveillance, I focused more on theory, presenting the essence of video surveillance technology. Of course, there were several ideas for its use in the public sphere or for the use of private enterprises, but practical examples are usually the most interesting, hence the idea for this article.

As an IT integrator with years of experience, we can boast numerous achievements – including, but not limited to, CCTV. I will present the wide potential of video surveillance based on our 3 projects, completely different in terms of purpose and client expectations, yet connected by a common technology.

  • Implementation of an integrated system for reading and analyzing license plates for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Białystok

Thanks to our advanced license plate monitoring system, created specifically for the Provincial Police Headquarters in Białystok, we were able to effectively increase the level of security in the Podlaskie Voivodeship. The project was implemented in response to the need to improve detection activities and the effectiveness of combating road crime, using EU funds under the INTERREG V-A LITHUANIA – POLAND program.

Our solution is based on specialized cameras equipped with advanced image analysis, operating autonomously in the voivodeship. Each camera is equipped with:

• IR illuminators, ensuring excellent performance regardless of the time of day, enabling continuous observation,

• Hybrid power supply, which makes them independent of constant power supply – thus, any power line failures and power outages are not a problem!

• Control-measurement module, enabling monitoring of environmental parameters and control of the power supply of individual devices. Thanks to it, it is also possible to track the power voltage, battery charge level, and device temperature. All of the above parameters ensure optimal system performance and safety of operation.

The camera data is transmitted to the central server using LTE wireless communication, allowing for fast information transmission and report generation. The system stores data collected from camera points, and our software allows for easy searching of the database by date, location, or license plate number.

One of the key elements of our system is the mobile unit, a specially equipped vehicle with hardware enabling operations with 4 cameras at once. This allows operations to be carried out in any location, regardless of the availability of stationary infrastructure.

The main benefit for our client is the ability to react quickly to road situations and more effectively counteract road crime. Our system enables the delivery of reliable data in a short time, resulting in improved safety for residents of the Podlaskie Voivodeship and increased effectiveness of police actions.

  • Expansion of the video surveillance system in the City of Poznań in the area of Plac Kolegiacki

During the implementation of this task, in cooperation with the City of Poznań Office, we developed a comprehensive solution aimed at increasing security in the area of Plac Kolegiacki.

To meet the requirements of our client, we executed our project based on four main objectives:

Property and personal protection. The client’s expectations were clear and focused on providing protection for both the architecture of the new square and individuals and property from various threats, including acts of vandalism.

Monitoring of traffic and vehicle quantity. The functionalities introduced by us allowed for verification of compliance with traffic and parking restrictions, as well as provided control over entry to the City Office premises. The cameras we used enabled verification of objects in the zone, people counting, and object classification (e.g., people, vehicles).

Integration with the existing monitoring system in Poznań. This enabled camera observation from various operator positions and continuous image archiving. This makes overall system control much easier.

Care for monuments within the Plac Kolegiacki area. An important point of the project was to adapt our solutions to the expectations of the Monument Conservator in order to protect heritage and ensure aesthetics in terms of urban infrastructure.

The end result of our work is an expanded video surveillance system, which significantly increased security in the area of Plac Kolegiacki, while also maintaining urban aesthetics and respecting cultural heritage. Thanks to advanced analytical features, operators can quickly respond to incidents and provide evidential analysis in case of legal interventions.

  • Mobile Video Surveillance Kit with Accompanying Infrastructure for PERN S.A.

In response to the needs of PERN S.A., a company engaged in strategic management of oil infrastructure, we developed mobile video surveillance kits enabling real-time monitoring of hard-to-reach areas, especially those without a permanent power source. The client also expected the solution to be autonomous, independent of traditional sources of electrical energy, and integrated with the existing monitoring system in the company.

Additionally, an important requirement was to provide security against theft and acts of vandalism, as well as the ability for remote management and control of each kit. Client expectations also included training employees in operation and providing a vehicle approved for road traffic along with full technical documentation.

As part of the project, we completed the construction of two mobile kits, providing full surveillance of strategic objects. Each kit is based on a trailer weighing no more than 750 kg, with a built-in cargo space and an adjustable mast allowing the camera kit to be extended to a height of 5 meters, enabling optimal monitoring range.

On the camera mast of each kit, 4 stationary cameras and a long-range patrolling PTZ camera are located. Images from the cameras are archived on an internal recorder, allowing for real-time monitoring from the central Security Center of PERN.

We integrated CCTV systems including video analytics, intrusion and robbery alarm systems, and environmental monitoring systems. Additionally, each kit is equipped with a speaker for broadcasting messages, infrared illuminators for night visibility, and microwave sensors providing full area coverage.

Each kit is equipped with backup batteries, which provide autonomous operation for a specified period, even in the absence of a permanent power source. With the addition of solar panels, the kit can operate independently of external power sources, making it ideal for use in hard-to-reach areas. The backup battery system provides: 72 hours of kit operation without a connected power source, 120 hours with connected solar panels during the October-March period, and autonomous operation with connected solar panels during the April-September period.

All components have been equipped with physical protections, ensuring safe transportation and installation of the kit in the field.

Thanks to our solutions, PERN has the ability to effectively monitor and secure hard-to-reach areas, meeting all security requirements and compatibility with the current monitoring system.

The presented use cases of video surveillance technology demonstrate its versatility and wide range of possibilities for application in both the public and private sectors. Implemented video surveillance systems not only increase the level of security but also enable effective crime prevention, protection of property and cultural heritage, and efficient infrastructure management.

Importantly, CCTV technology is constantly evolving, offering newer and more advanced capabilities. Thanks to technological advancements, surveillance systems are becoming increasingly intelligent, flexible, and easy to manage.

If you want to learn how this or any other technology could help your company grow, contact us at let’s talk about your needs.